Cantilever Model

The foremost leader in Cantilever & Island cooking batteries manufacturing in India having manufacturing technology and machinery to provide best engineered products have most of flight kitchens in India as its clients which adhere to highest hygiene standards & kitchen designed to work 24/7, 365 days a year.


The equipments are designed & manufactured with high precision & with ruggedness meant for continuous working of a flight kitchen, our equipments have given best of the outputs & efficiency under such adverse conditions. These equipments are low maintenance, low breakdown as the same cannot be afforded in such working condition. The equipments are designed to be extremely user friendly to give minimum stress on human labour. These are designed to provide higher & better output for speed, efficiency & hygiene.

For product improvement and technical progress, design and specifications of our equipment are subject to changes without prior notice.


Cantilever-4 Cantilever-5 cantelever-LLEM-6 cantilever-2 cantilever-1 cantilever-3


Modular Cantilever

Under continuous up gradation and after on site testing which is been proven and approved by number of clients, LL now masters the art of manufacturing cantilevers.

    • Modular Cantilever
    • Fix/Static Cantilever

Construction: The solid construction of cantilever assures the stability under any rigorous situation and usage. The static module if maintained well could last for more 15 years.


Cleaning: Most setups were bulk & heavy equipment like tilting, Bulk cookers etc are used there is heavy accumulation of grease and food leftovers and cleaning becomes a challenging task to maintain the hygiene standards.
As the cantilever structure is built on frame work and the equipment are filled on frame directly the base is open which facilitates easy cleaning.
Therefore aids in maintaining hygiene standards by the organization.


Flexibility: The cantilever is not a fix module, that means customers can customize the design and the equipment to be fitted can be decided upon the requirement of the organization.
Maximum flexibility for customized needs. The frame construction allows you to replace a module with any other module of the same size.


Aesthetic Value: A cantilever module gives more sophisticated and clean look as compared to the stand one apart from the above points.